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TP-V1 TPMS for Trailer

TP-V1 TPMS for Trailer
USD 139 (USD 199)

955 g



*Please check with professional auto technician before installation if the valve stem is mounted vertically on the rim

**Unit Price doesn't include Shipping Cost and VAT

Product Details :

  • Item Type:                                   Alarm Systems & Security

  • Brand Name:                             Steelmate

  • Model Name:                             TP-V1

  • External Testing Certification: E-MARK

  • Item Length:                               250 cm

  • Item Width:                                 210 mm

  • Item Height:                               75 mm

  • Item Weight:                              0.955 kg

  • Material Type:                            plastics

  • Special Features:                     Tire pressure monitoring

  • Voltage:                                       12V

  • Pressure Unit:                           PSI; Bar  


  • Special for trailer (with either 2 or 4 wheels)

  • Pressure range: 0~7.9Bar / 0~115PSI

  • Sensor preset in factory , no pairing is needed

  • Switch to different tractor easily and quickly

  • Wireless display (place on dashboard freely)

  • Display can be charged by solar energy or Mini USB charging slot

  • Intelligent design for power saving of display

  • Self-testing for each power on

  • Large display battery capacity for a month use

  • Military sensor battery : Long battery life (>6 years)

  • End users can set the threshold of tire pressure

  • Convertible pressure unit (PSI / Bar)

  • Sleeping mode available

  • Display with visual and audible warning for tire pressure

  • Low display battery warning

  • Sensor with wide range of operating temperature (-40℃~+125℃/-40℉~+257℉)


+852 2345 9416

+852 2345 9426

Hong Kong Branch Office: Flat/Rm 702, 7/F, Hung Kei Mansion,5-8 Queen Victoria Street, Central, Hong Kong.
Factory: Steelmate Industrial Park, Heping Street, Dongfu Road, Dongfeng Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong, P.R. China 528425