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HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (AutumnEdition) 2017Hong

Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.Hong Kong
Oct 13 – 16, 2017
Booth No.: 1D-D09, Hall 1D

What new product does Steelmate bring this fair. Today’s most new vehicles are bringing with advanced safety features. Blind Spot Detection System(BSD), for example, helps keep driver from hitting an unseen car when changing lanes. Most Blind Spot Detection System uses radar sensors or ultrasonic sensors, but Steelmate BSD is using microwave sensors for aftermarket.

Steelmate BSD is designed to alert driver to a vehicle in blind spot and can detect the relative speed of approaching vehicle. It uses Microave sensors mounted on each side inside the rear bumper, no need to drill any holes, 2 small size sensors replace 4 ultrasonic sensors as well improve coverage.

Want to know more about Steelmate BSD, come visit Steelmate at 1D-D09, Hall 1D for more details!

For more information about the show, please visit:…/HKTDC-Hong-Kong-Electronics-Fair-Sprin…
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